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Thread: Swarming Time?

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    Default Swarming Time?

    Today I checked my 2 hives

    the first hive I found no bees at all :-( they have swarmed and took all the honey with them

    in the second hive, I found a queen cell that is almost capped (just one queen cell) - i didnt see the queen but I found eggs so probably i missed her

    can someone tell me what is going on

    i live in the Mediterranean region is this normal for this time of the year?

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    Your bees likely did not swarm. Either they were robbed out (explains the lack of honey), or they absconded for greener pastures and then the hive was robbed by your other hive.

    Have you ever done a mite count? A high mite load can cause a colony to abscond.

    Your other hive sounds like it is in the process of supersedure. I would leave them alone.
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    thanks for your reply
    according to my book, the bees before they swarm they eat all the honey

    I had problems with this colony that swarmed - you can read more here - basically I was having white spots on the bees and probably this was sugar crystals from the syrup that I was giving - just today I was going to change the size of the holes of the syrup bottle

    The weird thing is that this was a 2 month old colony on just 3 frames
    the other colony that is making a queen is also few months old

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    A swarm usually issues from a hive that has plenty of stores and lots of bees - so many bees that it is often hard to tell that it has swarmed. When the bees leave a weak hive, and little if anything is left behind it is called absconding, and is usually caused by some kind of stress that makes leaving seem like a better chance at survival than staying. Starvation due to robbing is often a factor.
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