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    Default I think my bees are attracted to minerals in a freshly exposed ledge area

    They could be there solely for the water in the mud, but this summer I pulled back a 3-4" layer of basically mycelium/moss that was covering what turned out to be a pretty large granite ledge in the yard. Every day there are about 30 bees or so constantly covering the edge of the moss and granite. They are really attracted to it. There are a lot of damp spots around here, so I don't think it's water alone that they are after.

    I'm hoping the dose of minerals will mean an extra healthy hive. No?

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    Default Re: I think my bees are attracted to minerals in a freshly exposed ledge area

    I compost virtually all of the waste paper that I accumulate, but I often let it sit in a bucket of water for a few days to soften up before the paper goes in the compost bin.

    For the last 2 weeks bees have constantly been working the wet paper standing above the water in the bucket. There are plenty of other water sources available, but they persist in coming to this wet paper bucket.

    I have concluded that they may be harvesting fibers from the wet paper to mix/make propolis. It may be that your bees are after the moss for similar purposes.
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