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    Default Re: How do I get my signature to show up as a hyperlink?

    Probably, because you copied and pasted the NOPARSE tags, too. They disable the HTML.

    If you have it set to view the text of the HTML code, tags are in pairs, with this format: [tag1] [/tag1], etc. NOPARSE is the name for a tag set that tells the computer to ignore what is between that tag set.

    Rader used NOPARSE tags in his earlier posts, so that he could display the text of the actual HTML code, and not have the computer turn it into active/actual links. If he hadn't done that you wouldn't be able to see the actual HTML code, because the computer would translate it into the link. Sorta a catch-22. In my earlier post, stead of NOPARSE tags, I just left off the first character of the HTML code line, breaking it, so the remaining text could be seen.
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