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    Default Thanks Mike Palmer for the paint can idea

    Since I started beekeeping 4 years ago I have always had a major robbing problem in the fall and I use hive top feeders primarily. Before this fall I had read where Mike uses paint cans based on weight so and so on so I decided I would try it for fall feeding. Given the amount of beekeepers within less than 1 mile of me and the population of bees they have robbing is not to be unexpected and yes my own hives steal from each other. Currently the paint cans are working great no real robbing and I think maybe it reduces the "sugar odor" for the scouts from other hives but whatever it is working so a Big Thanks to Mike and not to say it's his idea but just from the source I got it from.

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    Default Re: Thanks Mike Palmer for the paint can idea

    I second this. I just bought cans and i no longer have to check every other day to make sure they have enough feed. I suspect my hives have been robbed . I have now sucured the entrance andthey sem to be restocking food for winter.

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    Default Re: Thanks Mike Palmer for the paint can idea

    So I use pint jars with quail waterers on top of brood frames with an extra box I fill em just before it gets dark they take it before the sun comes up. zero robbing.
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    Default Re: Thanks Mike Palmer for the paint can idea

    I kind of like a paint can with one tiny hole for feeding a trickle. If that was MP's idea Thx.
    Now I need something a little bigger, easier to fill and stacks better!


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