Recently did a full hive inspection, swapping frames between two hives and doing some condensing to get ready for winter.

Today I noticed a lot of hovering bees and suspected robbing. In my doings, I popped the cover and pried up the pollen patties that have been sitting on the inner cover. And beetle larvae was crawling under the patties! I squished all the larvae, took out the old patties and threw those in the garbage, but now I'm thinking - where were the beetles? I didn't see any beetles.

In my inspection a few days ago, nothing was amiss. The frames all looked good, honey capped and uncapped looked good. I've never had an infestation of anything before.

Now what should I do? Monitor the inner cover every day? Open the hive back up and look for any beetles or any damage, frequently? It should get to freezing here soon, but I read the beetles just hide in the warmth of the cluster.

So now what? Could it be the beetles/larvae were just happy to have pollen patties and that's as far as it will go?