Realizing the obvious this fall as I am feeding about 30 hives with the intention of splitting them early - I need to go about it differently than when it was 8 or 10. I'm using 2 gallon bucket feeders which is fine, but I would like to fill them in one or two batches. I'm thinking about putting a honey gate or some other valve on either a plastic barrel or a heavy duty trash can. I have a heavy duty drill and mud mixer already. Is this the way to go? I'm sure others have this all figured out. How much 2-1 can you mix in something like this, and how hot does the water need to be to get it to mix? Will hot water make a trash can too soft to hold up to the weight and stress of mixing, or do I just need to use a steel barrel? Any recommendations for a sturdy, economical, easy to install valve? Or is some kind of pump better?