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    Default Too late to treat ?

    I'm a first year beek and when I checked my hives using the grid board on my screened bottoms last week I saw enough mite count to say I should probably treat. Both my hives are healthy and each have at least 1 or more full supers stored full of honey, I use all mediums.

    I am in Central North Carolina and am afraid I waited too long to start treatment. I am guessing we have 2- 3 weeks or so left of 60 degrees pus days. Any thoughts? Or products that would be best?

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    Default Re: Too late to treat ?

    Depends on what you are treating with. Something like api-guard that is temp sensitive and take at least four weeks, it might be too late. But I believe something like apivar can be used year round.

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    Default Re: Too late to treat ?

    I would go with Apivar. Normally you need to leave the Apivar strips in your hive for 42 days to ensure that it is effective killing mite larvae in brood through a couple of brood cycles. But, if your queens have stopped laying for the winter, as a few of mine have (in WV), then there may not be brood cycles to worry about and Apivar works very quickly on exposed mites. The only temp sensitive aspect of Apivar is that the bees need to be moving around, walking on the strips then spreading the active ingredient, Amitraz, to the mites. In cold weather they don't move around as much so it can lose some effectiveness. But if I were you, I would use Apivar and start it asap.


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