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    I was told by someone that when you pulled old queens from a hive to drop them in a small container of alcohol. It would absorb some of the queen pheromone and you can use it as a lure to put in swarm traps.

    Is this true and would newly emerging excess queens or poor layers work as well?

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    More on this from Michael Bush:
    Bait hives are empty boxes that are set out to try to entice a swarm to move in. They will not entice a hive to swarm, but they may offer a nice place for a hive that wants to swarm. I use Lemongrass oil and sometimes queen pheromone. You can buy QMP (Queen Mandibular Pheromone). It is little tubular pieces of plastic that have the smell impregnated in them. When I use these for bait, I cut each of them into four equal pieces and use one piece and some lemongrass oil or some swarm lure. Swarm lure and QMP are available from bee supply places. You can get your own QMP by putting all your old queens when you requeen and any unused virgin queens in a jar of alcohol. Put a few drops of this in the bait hive.
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