According to my calculations and the fact that I had nurse bees cutting open the ends of some of the queen cells yesterday, my queen should have started emerging today.

My hive has a small 3/16 side vent with screen in it. This is due to the box has slots for a devider and we notched through the handle grooves when I cut the slots. So I screened it over and they can close it or not as they like.

Well this morning it was in the mid 50s and the bees were very inactive for most the morning. As temps moved into the 70s the drones were out in force and all swarming in the air around the small slot. Some were entering the hive thru the bottom entrance and I didn't see any being driven off by workers, but man, they were is swarm in the air around that vent (one on the down wind side of the hive). None bunched around any opening, just there.

Maybe love in the air (and maybe I might get a mated queen before winter).

I am new at this but sure seemed like something in that section of the hive had them attracted. Does anyone know if the virgin queens emit a lure to make drones chase them.