Ok, so I have a laying worker hive (again) this time due to Lord only knows what as I was in hospital have an elbow reconstruction over the period when the queen would have to have disappeared. (I know at about the time I went into hospital they were raising a new queen, but.....)

So yesterday was my first day back into this hive in over a month and I find no queen and only drone brood as you'd expect of a laying worker hive.

I took a frame of brood (with capped QC x4) from a recent swarm prevention split and donated it to this hive, but I noticed that this morning that region of the hive is only at 86F vs the more normal 93F. So my worry is that the capped brood is too cold to be ok. Am I right?

This brings up something I've been wondering about, I can buy capped queen cells from a local breeder which are delivered by mail, so how are they kept at 93F? or is it once capped temp is not so critical anymore?

Thanks for any and all help.