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    Default Treatment free hives plan of action?

    My neighbor has 2 hives treatment free for three years. Survivors! He is either going to sell them to me or let me have day olds in the spring. In my mind these are two very valuable hives and would like opinions on plans for the two different options or it may just be one option. One path I have both queens and the other I have her offspring crossed with my drones. I am currently switching to 3 deeps and letting the bees make their own comb. A few of my hives were treated 18 months ago just before I purchased them and the rest have not received any treatment except for powder sugar over two years ago. My goal is to raise and sell queens and nucs as much as possible with a 100 hives in which I will make that goal early next spring God willing. Any input from the experienced is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Treatment free hives plan of action?

    What's the history on them? I mean, have they swarmed, superceded, or had other brood breaks? Honestly, I wouldn't be that excited but it's always good to get new genetics in and see how they do.

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    Default Re: Treatment free hives plan of action?

    Three years treatment free is a good start but could still be susceptible to mites. The best way to handle this is to pull a bee sample this fall and do a mite count. If the count exceeds 1 per 100 bees, they are probably too susceptible.

    I would investigate other sources of genetics that are treatment free and have a 7 or more year history. Bringing in outside stock with verified tolerance will permit you to diversify the genetics which will avoid problems when bees are too closely line bred.
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