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    Default Re: first time queen castle use

    Lost my queen.
    I left for a 10 day vacation on the day I last posted, the 21st. She was laying and looked great, also I knew the population was down to about 300 bees for those 2 frames. I was in a hurry, thought about adding a frame of bees but didn't have sugar water spray ready so I skipped it.
    While I was gone we had several nights where temps were in the low 60's, and some rainy cooler overcast days. When I got home, looked in on 31st, there were only about 20 bees left, frozen open and capped brood, no queen.

    Now, here in my area we still have plenty of drones. If I do a better job of keeping up the population and a full frame of honey/open nectar, could I try again? Other than what I just described, our weather will stay plenty warm for a couple months. I could cover the castle when I know nights getting cold? Or is that a waste of time and bees?
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    Default Re: first time queen castle use

    As long as you still have drones flying, you're good.

    If you get colder nights, I would suggest making your nucs stronger and possibly adding some insulation on the top.

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