Two days ago I went into my best hive (production and gentleness) to collect the existing queen and use her to requeen an aggressive hive and then let the 1st hive build queen cells.

Well, too late. I knew one of my hives had recently swarmed but wasn't sure which one. It was this one. I found frames that have capped queen cells on them, couldn't find any queen. I quick got my new Brushy Mnt queen castle set up and put a frame of capped queen cells (2 cells were on each frame) and a frame of honey/pollen and it's adhering bees into 2 sections. None of the frames were as packed with bees as I'd like. I set up two sections of the castle this way.

Later I put a piece of tape over the entrances and have the box on bricks for ventilation. Yesterday I tried shaking bees from a different hive into one of the castles after misting with sugar syrup. That narrow area, seems more bees flew out or missed than went in.

As the cells are already capped, do I need to be concerned about amount of bees in there at this point?
Can I remove the tape today?
Any easier way of adding bees in the future?

I'm expecting some failure with this being my first try at my own queen rearing. Any advice is appreciated.

My area has a very good flow on right now and it should continue for another couple weeks if a storm doesn't ruin it. My strong hives have drawn and half filled medium supers in about 1 week time. All my hives have plenty of drones.