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    Default Late September Swarm at End of Month

    Hello Fellow Beekeepers

    I'm a 17 year old whos during his his first year of beekeeping and have been loving it. I have done alot of mistakes (normal for a first timer), but dont worry I have fixed those mistakes by asking local beekeepers and asking questions on this forum. My girls have thanked me millions of time. They are thriving and getting ready for the winter here in Northern California. Yesterday, I got home and noticed a lot of bee activty up in my bee yard. Thought the new bees were taking thier orientationl flights which are sometimes small and big. I always watch them to make sure they are not swarming. Anyway, getting back to the subject, after looking at it some more, I noticed that this was to big for a orientational flight. Sure enough, it was a swarm, but dont know where it came from. My friends (who have hives up on my hill) and I did splits when it was time for them be splits, but you never know. I went up to check it out and see where it landed to see if I could capture it. They (the swarm) landed on the lower portion of my fence and stayed there for about 2 hour. I riged up a cardboard box with some new frames/foundation. They did not take the bait. However, after looking some more I noticed the queen crawling around and the bees trying to make fly up, but she could not, because she was clipped on both wings. (poor thing). I got her gently and put her in a cage w/ some candy and put her in the box. The swarm followed. Later on the night, I got a six frame nuc with two feeder and 11 frames already drawn out with comb. They stayed in the cardbox over night, but this morning I put them in thier new home with a full feeder of sugar syrup. I expectated the swarm to be small, but it was the size of soccer ball. I was wondering what should I do to keep them? Because another swarm left (which was my fault for putting in drawn comb). Should I keep feeding them and hoping for the best? I enclosed some pictures of my girls. Thaks for all the suggestions.

    P.S The nuc will hold six frames but the feeder takes place of two frames. I tried to but four frames in, but it would squish bees, which I do not want to do.
    P.S The bees emptied the feeder in to days, so I replace the space with drawn comb.
    Rafael Aragon
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    Default Re: Late September Swarm at End of Month

    Honey Hive Farms,

    Not sure what nuc has 6 frames should be 5 frames
    Soccer ball size swarm not all that big, pretty normal
    Bees can go through a lot of sugar water in a small amount of time,

    We would put x5 frames in the nuc and feed them with a top feeder, etc
    Feed them 2 to 1 if you are in a colder place and 1 to 1 maybe for another month if your in a warmer area
    Look for EGGS, see what the queen is doing
    You will need a plan for putting a second 5 frame box on top of this one if they are getting grouded

    Hope all goes well
    Tim Moore
    Honey Hive Farms "Saving the world one bee at a time"

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    Default Re: Late September Swarm at End of Month

    Quote Originally Posted by Honey Hive Farms View Post
    Honey Hive Farms, Not sure what nuc has 6 frames should be 5 frames.
    I have plenty of 6 frame nucs. You can make 4 out of a sheet of 4x8" why not?

    In my area this time of year 5 frames would be plenty, they wouldn't grow much in size, will most likely retract in size from now until winter.

    If you have another nuc box, you can put it upside down ontop of the box with frames (remove frame feeder) and put jar feeders in the void of the empty box. Or cut the bottom of the nuc and stack ontop.


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