I got a call last week from an older lady with a hive of bees under her back porch. She said she needed the bees removed, and preferred to have them moved rather than sprayed. Another beekeeper recommended that she call me to remove them (Thanks, I think). According to the homeowner the bees had been there about a month. If so, they must have been a tiny swarm to begin with -- I could have cupped the hive, comb and all, in two hands.

Here is a picture of the porch:

And here is the vent they were using for an entrance:

This is the entrance to the crawlspace:

As you can see the hive itself is tiny, especially for this time of year:

And just a few shots of the comb as I cut it out and banded it into frames. The space was obviously cramped, so just getting the comb into the frame at all was a challenge.

I left the nuc box next to the vent under the floor, and I plan to go back this evening around sundown to pick up the nuc, and seal up the crack over the vent. It's late in the season to do much with them. I'll look them over good and either combine them with another hive, or build a nuc around them with some generous donations of brood stores and bees from other hives.