The other day (3 days ago, about) I transferred two capped brood and bees frames from an Italian hive to a Russian hive. Today, I went to check on them and found several initial emergency cells and swarm cells. The queen seemed to be killed. This was a darn good queen. I don't know what possessed me to transfer frames with bees on them. Lessons learned, I guess.

Question, how come her bees did not protect, or defended her from the new bees?? Do you think if I had isolated those frames from their main hive for a day, would have made those bees more acceptance of the new queens? I am in zone 6b, elevation 1100 ft and I know it is too lake for queens to mate. There are no drones and the queens breeder for my area are done for the season. I guess that hive is a goner. Has any body overwintered a hive with a virgin queen? Is it possible?