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Thread: Troubled hive

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    Default Troubled hive

    My very first top-bar hive has seen many problems and two failures. I have seen fire ants, varroa mites, large beetles, small beetle larvae and who knows what was in those web pods at the end of some of the top bars. I am reasonably sure some of the problems were caused or made worse by me not having a screened bottom.

    Any ideas on how to treat the inside and top-bars of this hive after i give it a screened bottom? I want to be sure non of the problems survive without making the hive a danger to future colony.

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    web pods could be para moth larve. I'd clean them out.

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    I'd get rid of any old comb you have and let them start over again next year. That stuff is a magnet for wax moths, beetles, and fungus.
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