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    Default Leave or remove drone bar

    My first year with top bar hive has been educational but not too promising.
    I have earlier lost queen and despite three queen cells, did not naturally replace queen. As population deminished, and drones took over, I successfully replaced queen and don't know if I have enough workers to get numbers up for weak hive to survive. Anyway, I took unused bars out to reduce risk of damage (moth or shb), and wondered what to do with drone cells. Will they modify upon needs or should I just cut out foundation and let them completely rebuild? Going to feed but doubt they will desire to make brood as cool temps and nectar flow waning. Wish us luck

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    Default Re: Leave or remove drone bar

    Leave the drone comb in and feed feed feed 2 to 1 sugar water, they will store honey in the drone comb. It is too late for them to be drawing new comb so you may have to put some of the comb back in when they get the drone comb filled with honey, but be careful not to give them back more comb than they can defend. I have both TBH and Langs, and I think you will have good luck with the TBH. I would suggest you have at least two next year so you can swap frames of brood when one gets in trouble. Good Luck


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