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    Default Late swarm growing

    I caught a small swarm, about the size of a softball on labor day,( as I have mentioned on some other posts here). I decided to hive them, and try and take them through the winter. Today I opened the hive (which is a 5 frame nuc box) and I couldn't believe how these bees have increased. 2 frames were full of honey and partially capped. The other 3 frames were full of brood. There is at least 3 frames of bees and lots of brood to hatch yet. I installed a second 5 frame box with 5 frames of drawn comb, and I'm thinking the way they are going they will probably come close to filling this other box before the goldenrod flow ends. I must admit though, there was such a small amount of bees in the swarm that I did add a frame of brood and bees from one of my other hives at the time I hived them, but even with that, I've never seen such a small amount of bees do so much in such a short time and especially this time of year. I think they have a very good chance of making it through the winter. I guess time will tell.

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    Sounds like you done something right. Great job. We are still nursing a small hive along...


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