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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Y View Post
    4. Whole food to Fancy Up scale is exactly what I am looking for. we are also considering selling much of it as a holiday, Gift. Gift basket sort of product. It is likely we could end up in nothing but Upscale due to other products I can make and sell.
    If you are targeting the upper end of the market, then packaging is of the utmost importance.

    Think of it like wine. What do you look forward to drinking more? The wine that has the elegant, classy feel and look to it. And when you drink it, you need to take the cork out and you your nicest wine glasses ......or....

    Do you want franzia? Box-O-wine? Where you drink it out of a solo or dixie cup?

    What experience do you want your customer to have?
    Do you put a short blurb on the back of the packaging that tells what type of bees the honey came from? The landscape? The family that raises the bees? et cetera.

    How do you connect your customer with you/the product and give them the opportunity to feel like this honey was made just for them?
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