Hi, I have a beethinking TBH that has 3 entrance holes spread out along the side of the hive. The holes are spread out in such a way that there is one directly in the middle of the hive and one on each end. I started my bees at one end with one hole open and as they spread out through the hive I opened up the middle hole but put a cork in it with a hole in the middle as an entrance reducer to help the bees defend themselves against wasps and such robbing the hive (we have had quite the hornet and wasp year here). The bees always used the end-side entrance as the main entrance and exit with a few using the middle hole. My plan was to move the entrance reducer back to the end hole for the winter and close up the middle hole completely. However the bees have completely sealed in the entrance reducer in the middle hole and have started to close up the hole as well. My question is does it really matter what hole I leave open for the bees over the winter? If i just close off the end hole and leave the middle hole open will it create a problem for the bees since that is the one they mainly use?