I tried searching this, but the only post that came up was from 2008. CAN a ventilated suit be machine washed, with bleach? I have done so many removals, and since my husband won't allow my suit in the house, it is really a blackened mess! REALLY! It's UGLY! Afraid to put it in the machine with bleach, but truly, it's embarrassing now it's so ugly. I tried soaking it in the pool a couple times after adding chlorine, but it didn't help. Can I put it through the washer? (I will not put the hood/veil through, just wondering about the rest of the suit...it is a MESS!)

This particular suit came from Pigeon Mountain, though I received an absolutely identical replacement (for future use) from Mann Lake.

Experience please? And as a side note, these suits ROCK!!! Not a single sting since getting one! Thanks for any input!