I am posting here because I began here with questions about a swarm, a lovely lady Beverly gave me a five frame nuk in trade for five empty frames....successfully transferred and working their new hive. Now the owners of our neighboring business (who was cool with all of this to begin with) is now freaking out because the uncle of one of his son's girlfriends just passed from (no lie) being stung by a swarm of bees. It was in the roof of an old shed and he was removing the plywood ceiling when it collapsed upon him and the bees went berserk. Now this guy is freaking about MY bees which are so nice and sweet, I can walk right up to the hive and observe without so much as a head butt.
Now here's the question: is there ANYONE ANYWHERE in South Florida that would allow me to keep my hive on their property? Right now it's only a 10 frame deep with landing board and lid. I'll split hives, give you brood, comb, make queen for you, pay you to rent a space, whatever it takes. I just want to honor the wonderful deed that Ms. Beverly (bevvy's honeybees) did for me, and to honor the fact that this was her "pay it forward" moment. I simply just can't let them go. They were a gift, and I am in love with my bees. Is there someone who would be kind enough to help a girl out? I had a swarm, and on the day of trapout, they absconded....bees replaced by amazing woman, now have to move them! Will I ever catch a break?!