The Alabama Beekeepers Association 2013 State Convention will be held in Montgomery, Alabama on September 27th and 28th, 2013. Last years speakers workshop instructors were exceptional, we've got some of them back this year and more!!! Keith Delaplane and Jim Tew are a couple of the speakers listed for this years conference. Here is a link to a schedule of events...

This ain't no little gathering...well over 400 (500?) beeks attended the meeting in 2012!!! Most of the major vendors will be there and if you get your orders in to them quickly they will deliver those HEAVY boxes free of charge (you need to call your order in quick as cut-off time will be here in a day or two!). Oh, and as usual there will be lots of door prices.... Wink

Here's a link to the ABA Convention announcement page with other links such as pre-registration forms, links to nearby hotels, vendors list, etc.,.

Sorry about the late "heads'up"!