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    Default 45th Annual AHPA convention vers. North American Beekeeping Conference & Trades

    which one you go to?
    we went to the AHPA last year and we really enjoyed it. one nice difference between the two is that the apha has no simultaneous talks like the ABF (based on the abf web site).

    for instance.. at the same times the ABF have 5 different talks in 5 different rooms at the same time and all five subjects I hold a interest in!

    the AHPA have talks one after another so you can hear them all!
    i only been to a AHPA convention and i know there format I am only voicing my option based on that! I never been to a ABF convention .

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    Default Re: 45th Annual AHPA convention vers. North American Beekeeping Conference & Tr

    If the AHPA ever held a conference east of the Mississippi in an East Coast State I would like to attend one of their conferences. But I don't think that is very likely. From what I have heard the AHPA membership is made up mostly of Almond Pollinators and folks from west of the Mississippi. To me the cost of travelling great distances is a turn off.

    I attended the ABF Mtng in Orlando a few years ago. But I was already better than half way there, being as I had bees in SC. Last January I went to Hershey to attend the ABF and left a cpl days before it was over.
    Mark Berninghausen


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