Barn hive referenced in my previous post "great opportunitity for me" I am planning the trap out.

Goal: I want them to overwinter where they are but get use to the 'tunnel' entrance. I don't want to add the empty medium or deep until early, early spring and see if they will build up in the extra space. I'd like to lure the queen in there during that build up; put in a funnel than and finally plug up the hole.

Some months ago, someone posted pictures of a trap out from an oak with showed the funnel piece inside the tunnel in the medium...that is what I want to do. I want to be able to open the lid and insert the funnel after the bees are using it as their main entrance and hopfully building up frames. I searched and cannot find that posting... if anyone can find it would you post to it and I'll see it in new posts?

Will this work? advice? This is my 2nd attempt at a trapout; 1st one the lady got impatient. This one they know it will be a wintering / spring process. They won't open the barn wall for an extract and I am learning so it is a good match.

Picture of site; Ill be replacing that hive with a trap out to the wall: