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    Default Adding motor to hand crank extractor

    I have an old (very old) 9 (medium) frame extractor that I got from my mentor (~75 years old) that used to be his fathers back in the day. It is a stainless tank with an iron frame rest/basket. I had the basket powdercoated last year and it is worlds better, but after hand cranking again this year I really want to upgrade to a motor.

    I see the motor conversion kits available from Maxant and others, but at ~$350 I am thinking it isn't worth it and being the DIY kind of guy I am would like to "rig" up something myself. Does anyone have a suggestion or solution for finding a cheaper motor/gear set I could rig up?

    I guess I should also say that I don't have a treadmill or the desire to take one apart. Maybe just any idea of what to search for to buy off the shelf parts for horizontal to vertical drive and motors...

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