Yesterday a swarm moved into hive boxes I had not meant to be a bait box. It was 2 deeps stacked, with 6 frames, 3 in each, spread out and set on flat bricks over sandy area for fire ants to clean out. It was frames from a failed queen spring split that had wax moth starting and some small hive beetle larvae. I had it outside my patio door since Tuesday afternoon (day I found them gone). No bottom board, lid on to keep rain out.

A decent size swarm moved into it yesterday, and with the crazy set up of 3 frames in each box I knew they'd make a mess of the lid with building comb. I just came in from putting the 6 frames into one deep, and onto a bottom board, right next to where they moved in. I hate messing with new swarms but had to in this case. I put a pint of syrup in a top feeder, lid with jar of feed on top.

I put all the drawn frames in the middle and 2 empty frames on the ends. I'm pretty sure all the drawn comb was foundationless, that I pulled foundation frames which I will cut out the middle and start over with new comb.

I don't know what the cell measurement is on any of those frames in my new swarm box, but I took a piece that they'd already built off the lid, measured 10 cells on metric ruler and they are a bit over 4.5 cm. Will they build 4.5mm on the empty frames I put in? Or if there's some larger cells, does that mess up the whole box?

I hope I have this in the right forum area. Thanks.