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I run 990 miles one way. 990 miles can be done in a day and a half. The extra trips does afford an opportunity to better watch over my bees. As far as back hauling, I have not done it, but I am not opposed to it. I have zero experience with back hauling for other folks.

It truly is all in perspective and personal preference.
Whats time if you are building a stronger better business for the future?
If we are absolutely worried about making as much money as possible, then why the heck are we keeping bees?
So maybe when I build up to 800 colonies I will buy a semi and still haul my bees myself.

Would it be a waste of money and time for me to do that?
Well my money explainable is a bit simplistic for my actual situation. Your time is less than I had in mind though. I have many other skills and many other ways to generate income. So I always shave to consider. will I save more spending my time driving or could I make more money than it costs me to have someone else do it? I have more than once made $5000 or more in a two week period. But that also requires that i manage to get the stars to aline. So would my time be better spent aligning stars or driving under them. I admit I do not always take the path of greatest profits. Actually far from it.

Back hauling may be as simple as an add on craigs list in the location you are returning from saying you will haul whatever will fit back with you. And payment could be nothing more than they pay for the gas. Worst case you get no response. run such an add here in August September and early October and you will probably have your e-mail locked up with replies. We have people traveling here for Hot August Nights, Balloon races, Air races, Burning Man, The Rib cook off and Street Vibrations. and all of them have massive amounts of stuff to be hauled away to somewhere.