This year I have made up my mind to go absolutely treatment free. It is probably stupid of me to do this, but I'm tired of constantly treating my bees like a sick calf. If I have to treat my bees with so many chemicals all of the time then feed them hundreds of dollars in sugar because they weren't able to store enough nectar to survive the winter then I'm not cut out to be a beekeeper. I have 20 hives and what I come through the winter with will be what I build from next year. They will survive without treatment or die, but the bees I have, if any will be survivor bees. I do have 5 hives of feral bees and they seem much more hardy than my other bees. I have high hopes for them. I also have 4 hives that I bought as packages this spring from Wolf Creek Bees of Centerville, TN. and their bees are suppose to be treatment free. If I get through the winter with half (10 hives) my bees I'll be happy. Am I being stupid, or are there others that feel as I do?