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    Its "meat eating" time for local YellowJackets.
    I have had 3 hives destroyed by them this last weekend.
    All three hives were weak and thats why they could not defend.

    Are there any "YellowJacket" excluders or homemade options for YellowJacket excluders around?
    Am thinking that a "robber" excluder may help. does anyone have plans for them?
    Also mounting "pollen traps" may help but they are spendy $$$
    All hives had standard excluders and they were no help.

    Suggestions ?

    Other than trying to find the Yellows nests and burn them out which is not a safe thing.

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    I've had a heck of a time with yellow jackets this year too! With my new queen nucs the entrances are very, very small and kind of hidden behind pieces of wood. I have yellow jacket traps all over plus fly traps converted to yellow jacket traps. Canned cat food, a little water and they fill up very quickly; just very gross to dump them out. Sorry you loss your hives; they are evil bugs!

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