I am using top entrances, with a telescoping roof that has a 9" opening, with a 3/8" shim around the inside of the top. My bottoms are the normal design, with a screened bottom. Most of the season, the bottoms have been closed off, with the bees only allowed to use the top entrance.

Some questions:

How are you feeding, only using top entrances? I like the idea of feeding through the inner cover hole with a deep around the feeder, but that doesn't work with the top entrance.

If I want to feed, can I just close off the top, open the bottom, and expect them to adjust? Does that do any harm?

If you have any photos of your setup that is working out well, it would be nice to see some ideas. There is too much snow where my hives are to use anything except top entrances, at least for the winter season.

Thanks in advance,