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    Default Do locust borer mean i have balck locust nearby

    I have alot of these on my goldenrod but read they need black locust to survive? Black locust is also a prime bee tree?

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    Default Re: Do locust borer mean i have balck locust nearby

    > Locust borer: "Larvae feed on Black Locust - (R. pseudoacacia and its cultivars and hybrids). Adults feed on pollen, particularly Goldenrod (Solidago)." >

    Black locust is a prime bee tree but it usually blooms in early June for about a week/ten days. The weather may change to cold and or wet, and the honey crop is small, (In some parts of country). If the weather is great at that time, a nice honey crop can be harvested from strong hives. Not all colonies will build up strong enough by late May/early June to take advantage of a good Black locust flow.
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