Last Thursday I was getting ready to go start a trap out that is behind these cinder blocks in a crawl space of a house. The tunnel is set up at the opening which is about 3x3", and I sealed up 2 additional openings along side this one. As I was getting ready I got a call from a fellow who sent this text picture, which I didn't ask dimensions of the swarm, just thought it looked a nice size. l took along a waxed nuk to go for these after trap out start done.

Well the swarm is much smaller than it looks in the pic. Maybe cantaloupe size, and that's pushing it. That was Thursday and they are still in the cardboard nuk in back yard, and bringing in pollen.

Plus, I just went to check and this morning the Brazillian Pepper flow has started, bees on the bushes!

So I am pretty confident the swarm will stay put. Yesterday I gave them a deep frame that had one side capped honey, one side nectar and pollen and taped on a robber screen. It's a pretty small colony.

Anyway, I'd like to move them to a 5 frame soon. If I wait til Thursday, is that too soon? Goal is to keep them from absconding, and saving cardboard nuk for future use (daily rain here).

Today I'm going back to set up the box for the trap out, with the hope that they are using only this entrance. This house is not close to mine, its about 3 miles from my country hives so I won't go real often.
Any harm in bringing a frame of open brood at this point, or is it best to start with a frame of empty clean up comb? I have a frame that's got some mold on it, thought that might be a good draw for housekeeping bees.

Thank you.