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Thread: Bees in a tree

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    I talked to a friend of mine about being a beekeeper, and she told me she wished she had known earlier because they have had a bee problem for two years. Started with a huge swarm that tried to move into their house. They got that stopped and they went to a hollow cavity in a tree near the house. Son is allergic to them and She asked if we would come get some bees out of a tree that swarmed there two years ago. Is this to late in the year to get them now, should I ask her if she can wait for us to try to get them next year. Oh and she doesn't want the tree cut down, she wants us to try to get them out through the cavity that they have taken up in.
    Regina in east TN

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    just done a cut out today.
    homeowner was going to kill them,said they have to go.
    only seen a dozen or so on the front of the tree expected them to be a small hive.(WRONG)
    2 full deeps of cut brood / honey, may have killed many by over filling my bee vac (
    cut a slot in tree a foot wide and 5 foot high.
    I left with thousands of bees still in the air and a nuc. with 2 frames of cutout placed where the entrance was.
    so out through the original entrance is most likley not going to be done.
    It's to late in the year they and mine may not make it through the winter.
    If they can wait till spring, and you do a (hogan trap) they can keep their tree also.

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    I'd wait till the maples and dandelions bloom.
    i ujust went Friday to look at a cutout and made arrangements to come back next spring.

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