Hello everyone! I decided to use MAQS strips for my varroa treatment this year, and I know it says it needs to be less than 92 degrees each day to use that product. Well, where I am located in VA, it's been getting to around 70-80 or so during the day, and maybe 50's at night.

I went ahead and put the 2 required strips in each of our 3 hives yesterday. They of course were NOT happy, I always hate having to medicate, but since I have seen a few with deformed wings, I know it could be a problem. So, I put the strips in, felt really bad about it. I know with the fumes it should cause them to cluster some on the front.

2 of the hives have screened bottom boards, one does not. It's like 57 out there right now. To me, that is chilly. Looking from my deck, I don't see much activity going on down there. Hardly any at all. I know they are inside because it hasn't warmed up yet.

Do you all think them being forced to be inside their hives because of the cold, can hurt them since the strips are in there and just a day old??? I am worried they are having to stay inside because of the cold, and trying to manage with the strips. I think the strips will wear off in 7-10 days, and I did it when we are supposed to have a streak of dry weather.

Please give me your thoughts on this. I hate to use any chemicals, I did apiguard last year, and it was much warmer. We have had a really strange summer.

Thanks for any help I am worried.

Earlier this year, I lost one of my hives to wax moths. They must have came in over night, because one day I was feeding them their syrup, and 4-5 days later, I checked the hive, and all bees were gone, and it was loaded down with wax moths!!!! I was seriously disturbed after seeing that. I burned everything with that hive. I know it can be cleaned, just not taking a chance. It was scary, sickening, and those poor bees. I had no idea.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you all.