I have built an observational hive that I plan to use for about 8-12 hours at the county fair 4-H booth tomorrow. I plan to borrow a couple of bars from my top bar hive to put in this observational hive, so it's not going to be a full colony. In testing this a few days ago, I accidentally grabbed the frame that the queen was on. Because it was 8 pm at night, I waiting until the next morning to put the frame back so I didn't accidentally squish her.

My question is, should this happen again, how long can the queen be separated from the colony; or how long can 3 bars of queenless bees be separated from the queen without any "problems". I've read some books where you take the queen out for a certain amount of time for specific things, so I'm assuming if it's only for about 12 hours, I'm not going to be inducing any problems. Thoughts?