We are at the beginning of Colorado’s Eastern Plains, just east of Denver. My husband I just started beekeeping this past spring. We only started with one nuc since we both have had serious brain injuries in the past and figured this way less bees to potentially kill off due to our very “interesting” learning curves. Yeah I know, shoulda gotten two anyway.
We have been members of the Single Action Shooting Society, Mounted Shooters and non competitive Mounted Archers so the start up expense didn’t surprise us all that much. No such thing as a cheap hobby.
Mike is fairly allergic to stings so while I talked about getting bees for a few years he wasn’t very interested until I pointed out since he wanted to try making mead, it would be very cool using his own honey. Got interested then. And with each sting hes doing better..not great.. but better.
Where we live its so windy folks around here make jokes that it’s southern Wyoming. And indeed there are usually large amounts of WY dirt blowing past at any given time, except when its New Mexico dirt. And while we thought it would be a normal rainfall year, it has also been until this past week been another drought year instead with no farmers planting near us and the bees have had to really hunt for pollen with only a few wildflowers/weeds in the fields. The only thing that has grown around here has been the very well lit and noisy fracking wells. We are getting rain now, but are east of all the flooding you may have heard about on the news, or are maybe experiencing.
The Fat Bee Man told me about this site and I have been “lurking” on it since. Reading the posts have helped answer a lot of questions. I just don’t get much internet time so I still have lots to go. And while the near record heat has lulled me into thinking summer was forever, Mike has got archery elk this month and I’m now getting ready to panic realizing what time of the year it really is.
I hope to be able to make the get together at a Denver bee store tomorrow (To Bee or Not Too Bee) where I can physically meet some other beeks. It’s a bit of a drive from here. I want to see how folks have been dealing with local winter conditions. And how well it actually worked. Think anyone will notice me standing there looking stressed and taking notes ?
Really hoping to talk with folks from CO and WY on this site too. Can't see me writing notes this way.