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    Default West Palm Beach Michael Bush Day

    Great presentation, interesting and fun, and at the end of the day we got music by Michael for a real bonus. Thanks Michael Bush!

    There was a link shown of how to watch or listen on line to the seminar(s) which I'd like to get to a beekeeper fan of his as he couldn't make it that day...I couldn't find it on his site. Anyone?
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    Default Re: West Palm Beach Michael Bush Day

    He gives the website for archived presentations in the first few minutes
    of this video: (Honeybee removals and top bar hives)

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    Default Re: West Palm Beach Michael Bush Day

    There are videos of Michael's talk posted on the Palm Beach Beekeepers Association site.
    That was my first visit with them. What a great group. I wish I could get to more of their events.


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