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    Default wax moth larvae spotted now what

    I switched out my bottom board for a screened one this evening on my youngest hive
    and saw some wax moth larvae crawling around

    yikes what can I do to combat them?
    any advice?

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    Default Re: wax moth larvae spotted now what

    A strong colony should take care of them. If your colony is not strong reduce down to only enough frames that the bees can cover. Reduce the entrance. Also check around the top cover for any cracks that a wax moth can sneak in.

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    Default Re: wax moth larvae spotted now what

    You sure they aren't shb larvae?
    In either case, wax moth or shb, they are usually an opportunistic parasite. Most of the time there is an underlying problem that allows them to take advantage.
    This may not be the best time to be switching to a screened bottom.
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