Hello all,

I am taking a graphic design class, and the first assignment is designing a digital magazine (for iPad, kindle fire, etc.). Given my interest in beekeeping I thought that it would make an interesting subject.

My target audience is new to intermediate treatment-free beekeepers, folks that are interested in the farm-to-table movement, may have backyard chickens or a small vegetable garden (or community garden spot) and have a few hives.

I am mostly interested in 'departments' or sections that would be included in every issue - essentially, if you were to buy a magazine what would you want in it? That said, any suggestions for article topics would also be appreciated.

Or, to think about it in another way you could let me know what you like and dislike about BeeCulture and American Bee Journal magazines, and what is missing, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Tony P.

ps - unfortunately we won't be learning how to code for a functioning magazine this semester, just the general layout... BUT I will post a copy once I finish the project.