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    Unseasonably warm weather after a cold snap, with 70s expected for the next week made me get out and do some housekeeping on my bees today. I was pleasantly surprised, that there seems to be a bit of a buildup of the weight of the hives after a very light fall. (I have been feeding the past 4 weeks) Since my hives are light, and I did not sell all of my Bee-O-Pac combs, I took some fishing line and tied a number of them into an empty frame. It worked quite well, and I was pleased that they were getting some honey instead of just sugar water. SHB were noted in the hive that did not get the West trap, but I shook quite a few out into the trap, and then placed it in under the hive, so I think with the warm weather, we may get good control of the SHB. I don't know where they were getting it but they were bringing in a lot of pollen on such a warm day. All in all, a lot better day than a month ago when I went out there and almost found them starving to death. I think I got t them in the knick of time. I would encourage particularly the southern beeks to check the weights of your hives--you may find like me that they are very light after no much fall flow and all the warm weather....

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    Great idea thanks!


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