Had problems with other NUCs I was using, so here's my protype.

Storing extracted frames in it, hence the two drone comb frames, so please don't jump all over me!!!!!!!!!!!.


1/2 inch plywood throughout. Outside dimensions are 20 1/8 long, 9 13/16 wide and 11 tall.

Wall to wall inside is 8 3/4. Used a 1/2 inch full size plywood(less 1/2 for bottom entrance on front) to create the rails and top with a metal ledge. Had to try out the new metal brake!!

Rail is down 11/16 so don't roll any bees when slide inner cover back on.

Entrance reducer is two sided, reversalble. Either open or can be fully closed.

Lip on outer cover is 2 inch deep and doesn't slide off easily. Outer cover lip is just above hand rails on ends, so can easily grasp top of outer cover with thumb and carrying rail with fingers when moving.

Bottom entrance is 1/2 high.