So I've been on vacation and did a full inspection today (been home for a couple days, but time to get back to work).

Saw a few SHBs, nothing bad at all there. Saw some large dark brown grub on the baseboard inside the hive, not sure what he was but I pulled him out and killed 'em (you can see him in the picture below).

The thing I don't know about are these strange brown balls that the bees seem to have been making at the bottom of the hive, on the baseboard (not the frames). They seemed to be balling the larger ones, so I scraped them out with my hivetool to see what they were. Thought maybe they had propolis'ed some pests or something, but I cut one open with my hive tool and they seemed to be solid.

So, experienced beekeepers, anyone know what these things are? There were several as you can see, and they seemed to have only been under a specific frame.