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    Default Wild swarm captured a couple days ago

    I just recently two days ago captured a wild swarm. I placed them in a 10 frame deep langstroth hive that I added a full frame of brood from one of my other hives added the swarm to it they completely fill two of the frames up with bees any suggestions on how they will do this late in the year? I'm feeding them heavily with sugar water at the present time they have a bunch of white clover to forage from. Also another question I removed my second brood box from my Italian hive for the winter for there warmth they didn't have much action going on in the top other than a couple frames of honey and filling the frames out with wax no brood in second chamber. These are also new bees I started 2 months ago bottom brood box is pack with bees brood and honey should I have left my second brood box?

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    Default Re: Wild swarm captured a couple days ago

    First question... Late swarms will often fool you as to how fast they can build up. With good feeding, and a late Fall, they could make it. If you can spare it from another hive, one or two deep frames of fully capped honey would help them make it..

    Second... If they had a couple of frames of honey in it, I would have left it on. I would think in Greenville you could still have 6 good weeks, (maybe more), and as the weather cools, the bees can really pack it in. Don't worry about brood in the second box. At this time of year your queen should have begun to shut down for Winter, and as such, will require less frames for brood, more for honey.

    Hope this is helpful.



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