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    Default Benefits of being a beekeeper - the women go crazy on you

    Here's another one all over this email:

    I wish you best Compliment of the season
    My name is Debora, a good looking girl.
    Well I saw your profile, i am sorry that i did not say much about myself because our profile cannot say everything about us.
    I have a special reason of contacting you so i would like you to respond to my email address ( there i can tell you everything about myself, and the reason i am contacting you and also send my pictures to you.

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    Default Re: Benefits of being a beekeeper - the women go crazy on you

    Long as you are aware it is likely a Man in Nigeria - chat if you wish.

    There's also been some very ugly incidents lately in my country where people have formed what they thought was a relationship, & eventually have "sex chat", which is filmed via web cam while they are chatting and sharing with each other. Once the girl on the other end has recorded the video, the victim is blackmailed and never ending demands for money are made. One poor guy killed himself hours before the time the video was going to be sent to his family cos he couldn't pay any more.

    Not pretty.
    44 years, been commercial, outfits up to 4000 hives, now 120 hives and 200 nucs as a hobby, selling bees. T (mostly).

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    Default Re: Benefits of being a beekeeper - the women go crazy on you

    Oliver is a practical sort. His first question will be something like "Say, can you lift 60 pounds while dressed in a white suit with a veil covering your head...?"
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