Hi there,

I have a two full 10-frame brood boxes of capped honey (aside from a few frames of brood that I believe are being converted to honey at the moment) and a medium super loaded with mostly uncapped honey--all frames in the super are in some stage of honey production at the moment. I am new to this, and I know that I am only supposed to take capped honey. Is it ill advised or acceptable to take a couple of large frames of honey from the brood box and replace it with a smaller medium frame? I ask because I am thinking I should harvest soon, if I can take any at all, and I want to treat for mites sooner rather than later. I live in Vermont. Let's say that maybe I would take three large frames and leave everything else for them--17 large frames and 10 medium frames. Will they be able to finish capping the honey in the medium super before fall? Or can I wait another week or two--that is, in that time will they have capped the super and I could take five frames or so of that and no bother with any swapping between boxes? Being new to this I am unsure of how long it takes to cap honey this time of year as things cool down and their work day gets shorter. Thanks.