This hive consists of a single deep with 3 shallow supers. I went through most of it today and found zero brood except for a few capped drone cells. The drone cells are in a good pattern and are full sized cells, not the worker sized drone cells that laying workers lay. Also, the bees are tearing down the drone cells and dragging the pupa outside the hive. There are also dead drones laying about outside the hive. There is plenty of honey and pollen in the three shallows and the deep is mostly empty except for nectar being back-filled in some frames. The bees are quiet and non-aggressive. There are lots of bees in the hive. I looked for the queen but didn't see her but that really isn't unusual for me. I know that there is a slow down on laying this time of year but I was surprised to find no brood at all. Do you think I am queenless?