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    Default Re: best plants for bees?

    Quote Originally Posted by NewbeeInNH View Post in my thread up there ^ is this: "an acre of buckwheat may support a hive of bees and yield up to 150 pounds of honey in a season. Reports are that it is not uncommon for a strong colony to glean 10 pounds of honey per day while foraging buckwheat."
    WHOA... if I wasn't already sold on queen rearing/orchard/seed production as my agricultural triple threat business plan, that quote would have done it for me.

    I'll leave the milling of those silly seed shapes to someone else. I'm interested in how I can clean organic seed for market. I wish you would private message me some time with how may man hours to pounds of seeds you get. I would probably be looking at using some kind of Allis Chalmers seed cleaner... and maybe a horse drawn bundler, like for grains. Anyway... I don't know of any horse powered organic buckwheat seed producers out there. So I guess I'm on my own, to a far off corner of the market!

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    Default Re: best plants for bees?

    I use buckwheat as a cover/green manure crop on my garden. Bees love it. Unfortunatly I never have more than a few thousand sq. feet in cultivation at one time so it's not a flow producer. I would think it could be a viable commercial crop. I pay about $45.00 per bushel for the seed. Sadly, my neighbors are locked into the GMO corn/soybean thing.


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