I recently ordered and took delivery of a Brushy Mountain Master Wax Melter.


I am running my first batch of cappings, comb, and bees wax today. So far I am happy with the quality and workmanship of the melter overall. I did have to address a minor irritation that should have been addressed at the factory. The fill elbow was properly threaded and tightened with some type of thread sealant. The hot water tank would leak via a slow drip due to the threads allowing water passage. I had to drain the tank, wrap the pipe threads with Teflon thread tape and all was well.

This wax melter works in similar fashion to an old style coffee perkilator. An electric heating element (1,850 watt 110 volt which is handy for those who do not have a 220 volt outlet) heats the water in the sectioned off 5 gallon water tank at the bottom, once the water reaches boiling temperature, hot water and steam shoot up an approx. 2 ft. long tube that has a spray director at the end and directs the hot water and steam onto the wax and melts it. This is particularly useful for cleaning up old comb from frames.

The other way this wax melter can be used is to set the thermostat just below the water boiling point. The heat in the tank will radiate up into the wax cappings and melt them along with the honey. The wax and honey come out together and I run the mix through a double stainless steel strainer

http://www.mannlakeltd.com/beekeepin...ry/page91.html (HH-440)

with a 600 micron filter bag underneath

http://www.mannlakeltd.com/beekeepin...ry/page91.html (HH-380)

and then into a stainless steel wax separator I got from Walter T. Kelley.


I have gotten to the point of waiting for the wax to melt and had a few minutes to begin a review. I also wanted to ask and find out if anyone else is using one of these wax melters? If so, please jump in and post your comments, experiences, recommendations, and suggestions as right now I am 100% in the learning curve with this melter. So far so good. I will follow up later with more once I finish running my first batch of bees wax.